30" Superior Smokey Mountain Remote Ready Log Set

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Superior Smokey Mountain Remote Ready Log Set 18”. 24’, 30”

Superior Fireplaces Smokey Mountain Oak  log set is remote ready so you can add a remote or wall switch. These vent-free gas logs come in a variety of sizes and offer the flame height and appearance you expect from traditional vented logs while operating at half the Btu's. You enjoy twice the beauty using half the fuel.


Minimum Fireplace Opening Required

18 Inch Log Sets                Front 20"             Rear Width 14"  Depth 13.5"        Height 17"

24 Inch Log Sets                Front 26"             Rear Width 18"  Depth 13.5"        Height 17"

30 Inch Log Sets                Front 32"             Rear Width 22"  Depth 13.5"        Height 21"