Monessen Lo-Rider Designer Vent-Free Box

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  • Monessen Lo-Rider Designer Vent-Free Box


The dramatic flame presentation of the Monessen Lo-Rider See Through or Peninsula Vent Free Firebox combined with the design look of a see-thru fireplace offers a great addition to your living area. This zero-clearance firebox will create a unique look in almost any space.


  • Offers a dynamic design application
  • Radiant face design with heat circulating air ducts
  • Installs with base almost flush with finished hearth area opening of fireplace for true masonry look
  • Can be installed with non-combustible material up to the opening of fireplace for true masonry look


The sophisticated firebox adds style and warmth to your room while maintaining a contemporary feel. Featuring a low-profile hearth, the firebox appears to nearly rest on the floor, providing the tallest fireplace opening and a truly expansive viewing area.

This vent free firebox does not require an outside venting system to operate. It draws combustion air from inside the room and is designed to burn up to 99.9% efficiently, eliminating the need for outside exhaust.