Monessen Sovereign Radiant Wood Fireplace

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  • Monessen Sovereign Radiant Wood Fireplace


The Sovereign Radiant Wood Burning Fireplace adds the warmth of radiant heat and an unobstructed view of the fire to any room in your home. The Sovereign is a classic-looking wood burning fireplace will add elegance and tradition to any room.


  • Refractory-lined firebox
  • Black mesh fire screen
  • Cast iron flue
  • Heavy-duty grate

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With a full refractory firebox it is durable and offers a realistic look along with being easy to clean. The tapered design of the firebox creates better heat reflection ensuring that more heat is reflected outward so it can warm the room rather than escaping out the chimney. If you ever to convert the wood burning fireplace to gas there are two knockouts on either side of the firebox, you can easily add an optional gas log set to your wood-burning fireplace. The lift up grate makes ash removal simple, while the built-in ash lip keeps soot and cinders from spilling out of the fireplace.