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White Mountain Hearth


SR-6 (6,000 Btu) Space-saving efficiency and top-mounted controls make the SR-6 an outstanding heater to add radiant heat to any smaller room. Where local codes permit, the SR-6 is ideal for bathrooms and is made in the USA.

Space-saving efficiency and top-mounted controls make the SR-10 an outstanding heater to add radiant heat to your smaller rooms. Where local codes permit, this 10,000 BTU vent free space heater is suitable for bedrooms and comes with a manual control meaning you control the temperature of the room by turning the heater on and off manually. Made in the USA.

SR-18T (18,000 Btu) The trim design and generous output of the SR-18T enhances medium-size rooms with cost effective warmth. In addition, the thermostat on the SR-18T lets you easily maintain a convenient hands-free temperature all day and night. Made in the USA.


SR-30T (30,000 Btu) When heating large areas, the SR-30T quickly fill rooms with 30,000 Btu of warmth at the touch of a button. The thermostat on the SR-30T offers you round-the-clock comfort and convenience. Made in the USA.

Here is how the thermostat works:
The SR-30T has an input of 30,000 BTU. The hydraulic thermostat bulb is located at the casing assembly bottom. When the hydraulic thermostat bulb senses the need for heat, the unit cycles ON at a full input rate of 30,000 BTU. The unit remains at this full input rate until the hydraulic thermostat bulb is satisfied. When the hydraulic thermostat bulb is satisfied the burner will shut OFF with the pilot flame remaining ON.

The burner does not modulate between ON and the pilot flame. When the SR-30T is ON, all five ceramic plaques will glow. There will never be a time when only one or three ceramic plaques are glowing.

The LO and HI setting has temperature range of approximately 55°F to 90°F respectively. This is the temperature at the hydraulic thermostat bulb not the room temperature. The owner is advised to determine the particular heat setting that is desired for comfort, as heating requirements are different for every owner.