Service and Repair

At America’s Hearth and Patio, our relationship with our customers doesn’t end when the purchase is made. Not only do we work with you on delivery and installation, we also offer service, repair, and cleaning. We want to ensure that you get everything out of the products that you purchase from us and that they function for as long as possible.

Our service options include, but are not limited to, traditional fireplaces, wood stoves, and gas grills. If you purchase a product from us and have an issue, we are here to help.

We offer fireplace service and can work with you to get your fireplace ready for use in preparation for the fall and winter. If an issue is found in the course of service, we can also work with you to repair your fireplace. We also offer cleaning of your fireplace and can help you keep it maintained and in good working order.

Repairs on your fireplace can also be the primary reason for our visit. So, if you know something needs to be fixed but you’re not sure who to call, start with us!

Service, cleaning, and repairs aren’t just for traditional fireplaces. We offer these options for wood stoves as well. We are happy to come to your home and help you keep things working, get them working again, or just help you ensure that they are well maintained.

Gas grill service is also an option that we are proud to offer. Keeping your grill working properly can be especially challenging since it is an outdoor item. Since most people tend not to use their grills as frequently in the winter, it’s important to have them serviced and prepared for their first uses in the Spring or Summer.

If you’ve tried using your gas grill and have found that it’s not working like it should or as well as it used to, give us a call. We are happy to come out, take a look, and repair it if possible. We want to help you and your family get back to creating memories and enjoying great good as soon as possible.